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Android 2.1 And Up



Cymera is simply the best camera
application for portraits. It has
everything you need in a camera and
photo editor to help you capture and
create photos worth awards.
It offers a huge variety of lenses and
shooting modes, hand-picked filters and
the best beauty effects, run through
our own face detection technology.
All of this plus more than 800
decoration options and the most
amazing collage effects.
Our All-in-One features include:

■ Powerful Camera
- 7 camera lenses inspired on the
famous DSLR cameras
- Out of Focus, Anti-Shake, Timer, Self-
Portrait, Touch Shots and other
shooting modes to help you get the best
out of your capturing experience.

■ Hand-picked Filters and Borders
- More than 20 carefully selected filters
to bring different emotions to your
photos. Adjust the light and intensity of
the filters individually. Add one of our
20+ borders and light filters to give
your photos a completely different feel.

■ Amazing Beautifying Effects
- Big Eyes, Smile, Slim Face, Clear
Spots, Liquify, Brighten and more
options to help you make the most
beautiful portraits.
- No more zooming in and out and
doing things manually! Our face
detection technology allows Cymera to
locate every trait of your face and know
exactly where to add the effect.
- We have compiled over 70 different
realistic hair and makeup items to help
you complement your looks. Truly the
best beautifying effects in the market!

■ Storytelling Collage
- One picture is not enough. Make photo
stories with our multiple collage
- Cymera offers diverse fixed and
freestyle collage layouts plus really
beautiful backgrounds and editing
functions that will help you have the best
collage experience.

■ Fun Decorations
- Over 800 decoration options that
include: stickers, comic masks, frames
and more. All free.
- A beautiful variety or brushes with
different colors, lines, patterns and
shapes to help you express yourself
and make unique photo decorations.

■ “Oldies but Goodies” Editing
- Cymera offers all the other
complementary editing functions such
as rotation, cropping, auto level,
brightness, contrast, saturation,
sharpening and more to enhance the
quality and versatility or your photos.
All in a simple and easy to use

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